Design Guide

Style of Patches

Embroidered Patches

When most people think of patches, they think of embroidery. At Patch Supply, these are the most popular patches we make. With a durable twill backing and high-quality thread, embroidered patches are beautiful, timeless, and suited for a variety of uses. A well-embroidered patch is truly a work of art.

Woven Patches

If your design is highly detailed or contains small lettering, Woven Patches are a great choice. With 100% thread coverage and a very tight weave, woven patches can create an intricate and high resolution design. A great alternative to traditional embroidery that still maintains a classic look.

Printed patches

Printed patches are made by using state of the art printers resulting in the most photo realistic design. For a design with lots of detail or fine text, printed patches are the way to go.

Chenille Patches

Named for the French word for caterpillar, fuzzy chenille patches are most commonly seen on lettermen’s jackets. However, this effect is suited for a variety of uses, from classic to whimsical. The only limit is your imagination! Chenille is best to showcase bold designs without too high of detail.

PVC Patches

PVC Patches

A style of patch growing in popularity is PVC. Made out of a rubber material, they are incredibly durable and waterproof — perfect for withstanding the elements. The result is a 3D look that makes a big impact.


Embroidery thread comes in 100s of colors. You can choose specific colors from the thread guide or simply indicate “Navy” and let us choose for you. Contrasting threads make for a dynamic, easy to read design. Each patch includes for free 8 colors of embroidery thread, additional colors available for a bit more. We also offer reflective fabric and glow in the dark thread. Ask us for more info!

Border Style


Merrowed is the most common type of border. It looks like thread that has been wrapped around the edges of the entire patch. This works best for simpler shapes, like circles, shields, rectangles, etc.

Satin Stitch

For more intricate patch shapes we offer a satin stitch border. This precise border is created with a thin line of thread extending to the edge of the patch.

No Border

If your design requires a very complex shape or as a creative choice, your patch can have no border. The backing twill will be precisely cut right up to the embroidered design.

% of Embroidery

Your custom patch can be made with 50%, 75%, or 100% embroidery. This refers to the amount of the patch that is covered in thread, vs visible twill backing. The amount of embroidery is a factor in determining the price. We can help you determine how much embroidery your image requires.


How It Works

Why Patch Supply?

Since 1986, Patch Supply has been creating custom patches for embroidery stores, uniform stores, businesses, and anyone seeking beautiful, wearable, art. We make ordering custom patches easy and our product speaks for itself. See why we have been a trusted leader in custom patches for over 30 years!